Three Years!

Three years ago today I married my best friend. So much has happened in three short years and I'm so thankful he has been by my side. I love this boy with all of my heart. Looking forward to the next three and beyond! 


Little Rain Boots

Mila is in a stage where she loves boots. She often brings me a boot during the day wanting me to put it on her...and I have to admit, I love boots too. I have always liked little kiddo rain boots, so when I found a pair in Mila's size at a second-hand store yesterday, I was thrilled. :) 

This morning she already had them on and she's pretty tickled by them. Simple pleasures in life. :) 


7 Weeks Post-Surgery

Mila had her 4th post-surgery followup with her surgeon up in Chicago yesterday. He said everything is looking good and gave us the OK to take off her cast! He wants to see her again in 6 weeks to see how her fine motor skills develop in teaching her new thumb to bend and work just like a normal thumb, but other than that, this hand is good to go!
I am thrilled to be done with the cast! It was easy to take on and off for baths but a pain to keep food, dirt and whatever other messy things she decided to pick up just like every other 1 year old out of it. I have come to appreciate this one simple thing oh so much -- letting my child get her hands dirty and then just plopping her into the tub to clean off!

Just one reason out of so many that I am loving this no more cast thing......the girl's love of tomatoes. She eats them whole, just like an apple. She is a girl after her father's own heart. :)

So thankful my little girl now has a thumb! We will always appreciate Dr. Light and his team.

Must have have gotten a bad bite :) 

Happy, happy Tuesday to you all! :) 


Little Froggie Girl

The child all of the sudden loves to wear her bath towel around . . .

She makes me smile :)